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Philemon Foundation Bringing to Publication the complete works of C.G. Jung

No matter how careful and explicit an author may have been during the original creative process, preparing material for publication always remains a complex matter. So it is with the thousands of pages of unpublished Jung material.

A description of the editorial process will be helpful in understanding the complexity of the task facing those who work with the Philemon Foundation.

Jung’s unpublished materials began life as manuscript pages. In the archives in which our scholar editors and translators work are thousands of pages in either Jung’s distinctive handwriting or typed. Before any intellectual work can begin, the manuscripts must be rendered able to be edited; that is, read, transcribed, and proofread several times. Pages written in German require translation and several readings for errors.

In some cases, such as that of Jung’s ETH Lectures delivered between 1933 and 1941, a single manuscript must be collated and compiled from various sets of notes by different participants who attended the seminars.

At least five different verbatim accounts exist for some of the ETH seminars. Our editors must weave these different threads together to form a text that approaches as closely as possible a complete rendition of Jung’s original delivery.

Once this has been done, the editorial team reviews the text, identifying important references and supplying explanatory and contextual notes. For the preparation of an historical edition, the process requires considerable research. For example, the individuals mentioned in The Jung–White Letters had to be correctly identified and the issues discussed clearly delineated.

These items had then to be elaborated upon in notes, so that the correspondence could be suitably followed. In some instances, the heirs of those mentioned in the letters had to be located and contacted in order to protect their privacy and to meet ethical standards.

Once the scholarly apparatus is completed, a contextual historical introduction is prepared. The manuscript can then enter the formal publication process.

In the five years since the beginning of the Philemon Foundation, the generosity of our donors has supported the foundation in bringing to publication the first two volumes in the Philemon Series, The Jung–White Letters and Children’s Dream: Notes from the Seminar Given in 1936–1940. That generosity will have also brought Jung’s Red Book to publication in 2009 and has helped to initiate the scholarly process with a half dozen more projects, including seminars, manuscripts, and correspondences.

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The Philemon Foundation exists to prepare for publication the Complete Works of Carl Gustav Jung, including The Red Book (2009).

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