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Philemon Foundation Bringing to Publication the complete works of C.G. Jung

The Jung-Neumann Correspondence

The correspondence between C.G. Jung and the Jewish psychotherapist and scholar Erich Neumann lasted from 1933, when Neumann left Nazi-Germany for Palestine, until Neumann’s premature death in 1960. It is arguably one of the most important documentations of the history of Analytical Psychology.

Whereas the letters of the pre-war years are mainly concerned with Neumann’s attempt to engage Jung in a debate about his understanding of Judaism and Jewish mysticism, the correspondence after 1945 gives an insight into the institutionalisation of Jungian psychology and the rivalries amongst Jung’s followers in Zurich which threatened to marginalise the works of outsiders like Neumann.


Martin Liebscher


Heather McCartney

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The Philemon Foundation exists to prepare for publication the Complete Works of Carl Gustav Jung, including The Red Book (2009).

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