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Philemon Foundation Bringing to Publication the complete works of C.G. Jung

C.G. Jung’s 1933 Berlin Seminar

In pre-war Germany in 1933, Jung presented a series of seminars in Berlin to a large group of more than 140 participants. Jung discussed some material on the dreams of a male patient, which he had presented from a different angle at the Psychological Club in his seminars on Dream Analysis.

Some of the central themes of the seminar are the language of the dream and the value and importance of image, representations of the archetype of the shadow, the nature of projection,

the psychological significance of historical traditions, the impact of unconscious symbolism, primitive psychic states, and the contemporary situation in Western Europe.

At the same time, following his seminar on Kundalini Yoga with the Indologist Wilhelm Hauer the previous year, Jung took the occasion to engage in a collaboration with the Indologist Heinrich Zimmer. Jung reflected on the work of Zimmer and his interest in developing a cross cultural understanding of the symbolism of the individuation process in the East and the West.


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