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Philemon Foundation Bringing to Publication the complete works of C.G. Jung

The Philemon Series is the name for the collection of largely unpublished the works by C.G. Jung now being brought to publication with the support of the Philemon Foundation, the final goal of which is The Complete Works of C.G. Jung in an historical edition according to the highest standards of contemporary scholarship.

Under the general editorship of Dr. Sonu Shamdasani, the Philemon Series includes three streams of concurrent publications: seminars, manuscripts, and correspondences. We will combine both large and small scale projects so as to maintain a regular publication schedule.

To date, publications of the Philemon Series include The Red Book , The Jung-White Letters, and Children’s Dreams

Once the publication of the unpublished materials is complete, the Philemon Foundation will undertake the necessary revision and re-translation of the existing Collected Works to produce a new definitive edition.


It is envisaged that the Philemon Series will eventually consist of approximately thirty volumes of unpublished works. These papers include manuscripts, seminars, and a two-way correspondence of some 35,000 unpublished letters.

The estimated duration of this full project is thirty years. The work will be carried out in collaboration and contractual agreement with the Stiftung der Werke von C. G. Jung (the Foundation for the Works of C.G. Jung), the charitable successor to the Society of Heirs of C. G. Jung. All existing contractual rights and agreements remain unchanged.

Jung is one of the most significant, well-known, and controversial
figures in the history of psychology
and modern culture, yet the
understanding of his thought rests on
a textual corpus that at present is incomplete
and seriously flawed.

The Philemon Series will make the full body of his work finally available to scholars, clinicians, and the general public so that its authentic reading may truly begin.

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The Philemon Foundation exists to prepare for publication the Complete Works of Carl Gustav Jung, including The Red Book (2009).

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