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Philemon Foundation Bringing to Publication the complete works of C.G. Jung

The Philemon Foundation exists to make available the complete works of C.G. Jung in editions that meet the highest standards of scholarship and do justice to the true measure of this major creative thinker.

Who We Are
The Philemon Foundation is an expanding group of scholars, board members, and donors with the shared purpose of preparing for publication the Complete Works of C. G. Jung (1875-1961), the eminent Swiss psychologist. In distinction to the widely known Collected Works, the Complete Works will comprise manuscripts, seminars, and correspondence hitherto unpublished numbering in the tens of thousands of pages. The historical, clinical, and cultural importance of this material equals and, in some instances, surpasses the importance of that which has been already published. The Philemon Foundation intends to make the completed body of C. G. Jung’s work available as volumes in the Philemon Series.

The Philemon Foundation is a fully independent organization and is not involved in the commercial exploitation of the existing Collected Works of C. G. Jung or with secondary literature on Jung.

What We Do
Prior to the publication of the Complete Works, the Philemon Foundation is making previously unpublished works available as individual volumes as part of The Philemon Series.

The Philemon Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to preparing for publication the Complete Works of C.G. Jung.


To date, publications of the Philemon Series include The Red Book , The Jung-White Letters, and Children’s Dreams

In addition, the foundation has published four volumes of Jung History, an occasional journal devoted to contemporary Jungian scholarship.

Goals of Publication
The Philemon Foundation conservatively estimates that it will prepare for publication an additional 30 volumes beyond the 21 volumes of the Collected Works, given the volume of material yet unpublished in various public and private archives. The time frame required to complete this task will be at least 30 years.

New Era
In the mission and spirit of the organization, the Philemon Foundation is the successor to the Bollingen Foundation, the foundation that originally made possible the publication of Jung’s Collected Works (the cornerstone of their Bollingen Series). In this new era, the Philemon Foundation is in a unique position to have the support and contractual collaboration of the Stiftung der Werke von C. G. Jung, the charitable successor to the Association of the Heirs of C. G. Jung. The Stiftung has authorized the foundation to raise funds to edit and prepare for publication the unpublished works of C. G. Jung and has entrusted it with the task of bringing that work to the widest reading public.

For more information
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The Philemon Foundation exists to prepare for publication the Complete Works of Carl Gustav Jung, including The Red Book (2009).

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